Delaware Autism and Severe Disabilities Certification

It was an email that started it all. Dated January 7, 2009, from John Lynch, Student Advisor of the Delaware Autism Program at the Brennen School in Newark, the email was sent to Dr. John Gray, the Dean of the College of Education. This simple correspondence set into motion a statewide initiative to provide courses that lead to a Delaware certificate in Autism and Severe Disabilities. This initiative would bring six Professional Partnership Schools (PPS) throughout the state together and would allow WU students to complete the Master of Education in Special Education program requirements within any of the PPS. Students would now be placed at any of these PPS to complete both their Practicum and Teacher Internship requirements.

Students have been very pleased with this new arrangement. WU student Kara Baird, who took courses at the Cape Henlopen site, said, “Throughout my degree program, my classmates and I often discussed how we were going to complete our autism certification, as WU already offered three of the five classes.” When Kara found out about the partnership she was thrilled. Kara says, “The courses were engaging and taught by highly regarded experts in the field; individuals working directly with children with autism. I am extremely grateful to Wilmington University and Dr. William Lane, whose tireless efforts made the certification available to me and many other teachers in Sussex County who are serving the sizable population of children with autism.”

Thanks to that one email, many lives will be changed throughout the state of Delaware.

Five Courses Necessary for Delaware Autism and Severe Disabilities Certification:

  • MSE 7402 Applied Behavior Analysis (Required in MSE Program)
  • MSE 7404 Assistive Technology (Elective in MSE Program)
  • MSE 7501 Introduction to Autism (Elective in MSE Program)
  • MSE 7506 Functional Communication (Elective in MSE Program)
  • MSE 8101 Severe Disabilities (Elective in MSE Program)

Professional Partnership Schools:

  • Brennen School
  • Kent County Community School
  • Cape Henlopen School District
  • Seaford High School
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